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Vote No & Reset D86!! "NO" Vote = Saving $100M+ interest

Fellow Residents,

Please VOTE NO(you can vote now - click here for voting info)

See the recently published Hinsdale School News, a detailed look at D86 information.  C4CH did not publish, contribute, or assist with this bulletin, yet we believe the Hinsdale School News is an excellent accumulation of facts and opinions.

Voting NO will move the D86 Board to implement Plan B. We believe it to be a $45 million spend saving taxpayers $100+ MILLION (including interest). We also believe the new Board will reinstate sports and activities.

Stop the massive $208 MILLION (with interest) tax increase.  This will cost taxpayers $2,300 per student per year for 20 years.  Unsustainable.  Wasteful. Unethical.   Check out a sustainable plan, THE PLAN, by C4CH for $45M.

To fix this we recommend: 

D86 Election Endorsements #3 Fotini Bakopoulos #4 Matthew Marron

Voting information - click here for all voting information.  Please vote.

C4CH endorses the above candidates because they are committed to immediately reinstating sports and extracurricular activities, to negotiate reform measures, and to work with all groups in the community. 

Trust of D86 Board is LOW,  really LOW

You are not alone if you don't trust the D86 Board.  In a recent survey by D86 itself with 1,161 participants, 55% gave the Board a "D", "F" or "Did Not Know" grade on the handling of taxpayer money.  75% of respondents graded D86 with a "C" or below.  Taxpayers simply do not trust this Board handling their hard-earned money.   Please Vote NO! Please consider a donation to C4CH as we need funds for operations, send a check to C4CH to PO Box 43 in CH. Your Neighbors, 

C4CH - Citizens for Clarendon Hills Edward A. Corcoran President

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