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Top Ten Reasons to Vote No on the D86 Referendum!

Fellow Residents of Clarendon Hills & D86,

See the top ten list of wasteful spending ideas on the massive tax increase proposed again in D86.  Vote NO!   The $139 MILLION ($208 MILLION with interest) is wasteful and should be reset.

The top ten chart below outlines over $80M in tax savings from the Board's $139M proposed Referendum. When you include interest there is over $118.8M in savings and there is more excess to cut.  

Voter information - click to order absentee ballots and get all your friends and neighbors to participate.  

Let the new Board reset this spending.  Below are 10 more reasons. 

In a recent survey by D86 itself with 1,161 participants ...

  • 55% gave the Board a "D", "F" or "Did Not Know" rating on the handling of taxpayer money.

  • 75% of respondents rated D86 at "C" or below. 

Taxpayers simply do not trust this Board’s handling of their hard-earned money.  The same survey results called for a much smaller referendum.  A reset is needed.

The public has a low level of trust for the D86 Board with good reason.

Please Vote NO!

Please consider a donation to C4CH as we need funds for operations, send a check to:


PO Box 43

Clarendon Hills, IL. 60514 

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