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September 4, 2018

D86 High School Board 

Ignores Survey, Common Sense and Voters 

Forging Ahead $166M Referendum ($230M w/Interest)

Dear Neighbors,


The D86 Board ignored your past vote and the taxpayer survey. They are forging ahead with a massive $166M referendum (approx. $230M with interest payments) on the November 2018 ballot.  A $76M referendum failed miserably in April of 2017 with 74% (2:1) of the voters saying "NO".  The new spend includes money for every special interest group one could imagine, from multimillion dollar cafeteria overhauls to a $12M guidance and counseling area at Central.  The recent survey respondents, over 1,000 people, advocated for a more realistic $40M spend and gave poor grades to the D86 Board and Administration for overspending.   


The current leaders of this Board effort, Jennifer Planson of the Buffer Zone and spending advocate Nancy Pollak, conveniently formed yet another hand picked committee with the teachers union (their supporters), students, administration plus other special interest groups well represented.    


Ask yourself if this $230M increase to your tax bill will help your property value and make our kids smarter?  What happened to the prudent $40M spend that taxpayers themselves and fiscal conservatives advocated for?


If you would like to help quietly or actively advocate for local fiscal conservatism, please send us an email at




Your Neighbors - C4CH

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