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Vote for Fiscal Conservatives and "No" on D86 Wasteful Referendum

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Dear Neighbors,

Please vote for fiscal conservatives in November and vote NO to stop the insane D86 High School referendum.  Say "NO" to the D86 High School Board's nearly 1/4 Billion dollars (yes B for Billion) spending spree.  Please forward this email to your friends.

The $230+M referendum ($166M plus interest) overspends in every category.  C4CH recommends a reasonable $40M referendum with new sports facilities being built with money from donors, consistently over the last 2 years, based upon detailed research.  D86's own community surveys also support a modest spend of less than $50M.  

In April of 2017 a D86 referendum for $76M + interest failed miserably with 74% saying "NO".  How did the D86 Board jump to $166M (plus interest = $230+M)??  Ironically, D86 staff and the Board are responsible for teaching our kids history.  Please tell everyone you know to vote and send a learning moment to the D86 Board and Administration (recall C4CH recent piece on the new $100K minimum wage for D86 Administration). 

We introduce "District 86 Can Do Better" an organization against the D86 Board's wasteful spend.  Click for their information, a yard sign, or to contact them.  C4CH is not an affiliate, but we support their position against the wasteful spending in D86.  

We love CH, respect education and your hard earned money. If you would like to help quietly or actively advocate for fiscal conservatism, please send us an email at

Respectfully, Your Neighbors - C4CH

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