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Sometimes a Picture Tells the Story Best - D86 "NO"

Dear Neighbors, 

D86 Referendum Editorial$166M + Interest = $230+M

(nearly a quarter of a billion dollars!)



  • A $76M referendum failed in April;

  • a 3:1 smackdown!


  • D86 Board Members advocate for a nearly 1/4 Billion referendum, $166M +  interest.

  • Taxpayers voiced OK for a $40-$45M referendum through the D86 surveys and voter input for infrastructure, ADA, and smart renovations. 

Overspending and overtaxing does not improve property values nor make our kids any smarter.  Vote No!

Another unaffiliated group is running a campaign against the referendum - District 86 Can Do Better. Visit their site to help.

We respect education and your hard earned money. If you would like to help quietly or actively advocate for fiscal conservatism with C4CH, please send us an email at

Respectfully, Your Neighbors - C4CH

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