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Sample Ballot & Reasons to Reset D86 Referendum

Dear Neighbors, 

See the sample ballot.  Bring it with you. Please Vote!

D86 Referendum requires a reset to eliminate the waste.  Read the rationale below:

  • Student population at BOTH Central and South is going down

  • South is severely underutilized

  • Central is NOT overcrowded

  • Taxpayers want the high school boundaries adjusted to remove the need for spending on new classroom space

Please vote NO for the D86 Referendum.  After the "NO" vote comes in, C4CH will again put forth what we believe is a reasonable spending recommendation that addresses every major issue while also listing reform measures that will save millions and protect property values. 


Student Population Trend Per Study

  • South losing up to 200 students

  • Central losing up to 175 students

Note: one classroom is needed for each 25 students so the need for additional classrooms in the future is less and less. (ref. D86 Kasarda Demographic Survey 2015)

Current Space Per Student

  • South 310 sq.ft/student

  • Central 170 sq.ft./student

Seat Utilization Rate of School

  • South 59%

  • Central 77%

Classroom Utilization of School

  • South 70%

  • Central 88%

It seems obvious that building more classroom space at any campus is wasteful given the downward trend in attendance and excess capacity at both campuses.  The low seat utilization shows that the administration and unions have reduced class size to maintain staffing levels.

A phone survey conducted by D86 showed that 80% of the non-parents directed the Board to change school boundaries to settle the attendance imbalance.  When asking parents of students, 63% still agreed.  Changing boundaries to avoid massive spending is common sense for a public school district.  The Board can also just slightly increase average class size from 23 to 26 at Central and create significant funds to pay for improvements.    Further the demographic study and enrollment prediction is for South to continue to have less students, 200 less than now.  Also, Central is predicted to have about 175 less students.   Why the Teacher's Union Loves the $166M Referendum

C4CH pointed out that the Unions like this massive referendum and the Unions want $29.5 million to be diverted away from annual operation and maintenance spending and placed in a referendum tax increase.   The $1.4M Classrooms C4CH recently exposed the $1.4M classrooms - $850/sq.ft is another example of the wasteful spending. The $15M Guidance, Counseling & Special Education Area At $650/sq.ft the 23,000 sq.ft area seems excessive in price and scope, plus it is only done at Central.  It's a Rolls Royce for the rich kids at Central and a Kia for less affluent kids at South.  Here are other startling numbers from the referendum detail.

  • $48.4 million on athletic facilities- South pool can be upgraded for $2M instead of $12M

  • $24 million on administration, counselor and Special Ed. offices - $15M for Guidance, Counseling & Special Ed is overpriced

  • $29.5 million on operation and maintenance improvement - Diverts funds from operations allowing $29.5M for Union & Administration wage & benefits increases 

  • $11 million on life safety improvements - No Referendum is required for this work

  • $39.5 million on renovation of common space - Overpriced and excessive

  • $12.2 million on auditorium improvements - Auditorium needs little, band area easy to expand by moving B&G dept at low cost

Note: EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS are only 15.5% of the referendum in the pie chart below. VOTE NO!!


2017 - a $76M referendum failed in April of 2017 - Voters said no 3:1 

Overspending and high taxes hurts property values and does not make our kids any smarter.  Vote No!

Another unaffiliated group is running a campaign against the referendum - District 86 Can Do Better. Visit their site.

We respect education and your hard earned money. If you would like to help quietly or actively advocate for fiscal conservatism with C4CH, please send us an email at

Respectfully, Your Neighbors - C4CH

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