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No Really Means NO ... D86 1/4 $Billion Tax Increase Goes Down in Flames

Dear Neighbors,  We thank everyone for voting!  Thank You!  NO MEANS NO We thank everyone for voting and we respect ALL opinions.  On the very important D86 Referendum for a 1/4 $ Billion tax increase, the taxpayers again have said "NO" to the overspending.   NO means NO.  This is the second time that the D86 Board brought this referendum to taxpayers, but this time more scope was added, including gerrymandering the budget to fund future Union contracts. 

VOTE TOTALS YES 14,731 NO  17,461 We support NECESSARY spending especially in the local schools, but unless the reform measures and severe overspending are fixed, we will redouble our efforts to stop the special interest groups from damaging our property values while using our children as a campaign weapon, while no reforms are made.

Congratulations on a well run campaign to the YES We also understand and congratulate the "YES"  vote on their campaign. There was much hard work by both sides.  C4CH is willing to work with the YES vote to come up with a good solution.  We have ideas and are hopeful to elaborate and collaborate.  In follow-up articles we will again raise awareness of the serious ethical and moral issues crossed by the teacher's union and use of our children as political weapons to achieve a tax increase for their personal benefit. We want to see improvements that protect property values and improve our high schools in parallel with reforms that are long overdue. 

We want to communicate. Please sign up on our website and refer your friends and family. Respectfully, Your Neighbors - C4CH

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