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D86 Board President Owns Baseball Practice Facility Baseball Spared from Recommended Cuts Possible

Fellow Residents of District 86, We introduce what we believe is a serious and material conflict of interest in D86.  Why wasn't baseball and softball cut as part of the recent D86 cuts? Football, cheerleading, swimming, wrestling and numerous clubs were brutally cut for political purposes yet baseball and softball were mysteriously spared. The Conflict of Interest

C4CH asked around and found out that Bill Carpenter, our D86 Board President, owns a significant softball and baseball training facility in Darien called a Perfect Swing.  

Does Baseball Bill Carpenter think it's okay to only cut sports with which he has no financial connection?

While we don't know the current status of D86's softball and baseball players' use of Baseball Bill's facility, a clear conflict of interest arises - not only from possible current and past use, but from increased prospects for future use, from, say, "gratitude" of the baseball-playing D86 community or from the teacher's union (NEA) member coaches on stipend & pension after Baseball Bill voted twice for unsustainable teacher's union contracts.  Did Baseball Bill influence the cancellation of other sports and activities that didn't impact his baseball/softball business?

Does Baseball Bill Carpenter somehow benefit financially from his sports being spared?  Are these tactics intimidating voters, families and students? 

Captain Obvious said these are good questions for someone of authority to look into. 

Check the company registration for The Perfect Swing.  (Enter the company name).

Your Neighbors, 

C4CH - Citizens for Clarendon Hills

Edward A. Corcoran


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If they had cancelled baseball, you would have accused him of doing so to drive clients to his business. You look for any reason to go after the BOE, whether it is based on fact (that happens rarely) or pure speculation and conspiracy theory (as you have done here).

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