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D86 Baseball Bill - Massive Conflict of Interest Gets Campaign $$ for his Company Cancels Football,

Fellow Residents of District 86, Vote NO! The D86 Referendum is wasteful, unaffordable and unfair (voter information - order absentee ballots - we need every vote!!) We re-introduced you to D86 President Baseball Bill Carpenter who saved baseball and softball yet cut Football, Cheerleading, Pom Poms, Band, Swimming, Water Polo and Wrestling plus numerous other activities to intimidate voters when there is already plenty of money.  Baseball Bill has a big conflict of interest as he owns a baseball and softball training business yet slashed all the other sports.  Baseball Bill used his political bat to cancel D86 sports & activities to intimidate voters and to protect his business.   UNFAIR AND UNETHICAL VOTER INTIMIDATION 

New Story Baseball Bill's Company Gets $15,395.00

News FlashBaseball Bill's company TPS took in $15,395.00  from a recent D86 political campaign.  This appears unethical and certainly raises eyebrows again about where Baseball Bill's loyalties are. Take a look at the official filings from the Illinois Sunshine site for political reform.  Look under the top 25 expenses, Baseball Bill's company was paid the most. Baseball Bill appears to profit from political campaigns that support the union's unsustainable contracts. Please read on because the next section is the real shocker for taxpayers.  UNETHICAL & UNFAIR

Massive & Sudden Recognition of New $67.9 Million Liability There is more involving the Union and Baseball Bill.  In late 2018, under the leadership of Baseball Bill Carpenter as the D86 Finance Chair, D86 posted the recognition of a massive financial liability totalling $67.9 MILLION (see page 4 of annual D86 audit) for the generous Post-Retirement Benefits given to employees.  Yes... this amount alone could pay for all the pet projects.  It comes from the overly generous and unsustainable teacher's union and employee benefits that were approved by Baseball Bill and the pro-union board including pro union zealot Kathleen Hirsman of CH.   

A new contract is under negotiation now, the 3rd massive under money-grab, pro-union zealot Kathleen Hirsman,  behind the scenes with no transparency.  This is a real threat to the students, the schools, and will drive your property values down further.  Hirsman is currently in charge of this negotiation again, despite poor math skills and past mistakes. She is up for re-election and supported by the Unions. She also led the HR committee which gave the Superintendent $50,000 in raises over the last 2 years without a performance review, and spiking his pension for a $40,000 raise.  More will unfold on this issue which local media hasn't covered as they seem oblivious to the costs and impacts.

UNION FIRST - STUDENTS AND TAXPAYERS LAST $67.9 MILLION - a sudden recognition of liability on D86's audit from overly generous contracts supported by Baseball Bill & Union Zealot Kathleen Hirsman is killing property values and hurting student sports and activities.

Baseball Bill and union zealot Kathleen Hirsman mocked C4CH and past conservative Board Members when warned of massive hidden costs in the unsustainable teacher's union contracts.  The $67.9 MILLION in damages carelessly handed out put adult benefits ahead of taxpayers and students.   UNFAIR, WASTEFUL AND UNAFFORDABLE.

Captain Obvious says that Baseball Bill and Union Zealot Kathleen Hirsman plus the entire D86 Board must reinstate sports and activities immediately to protect families and students from the teacher's union!  There are $67.9 MILLION MORE reasons to Vote NO to this WASTEFUL, UNAFFORDABLE & UNFAIR Referendum.

Your Neighbors,  C4CH - Citizens for Clarendon Hills Edward A. Corcoran President

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Ed- Your attempt to mislead the public and cast the board in a bad light by using half truths and telling only part of the story is disgusting. I know facts don’t matter to you, but for anyone else reading this, here is some more information.

In Fiscal year 2018 (this year), D86 adopted Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement (GASB) No. 75. This Statement establishes standards for recognizing and measuring liabilities, deferred outflows of resources, deferred inflows of resources, and expense/expenditures. GASB Statement No. 75 replaces earlier GASB statements that related to similar topics. To summarize, the school district is following the accounting standards for governmental agencies and is reporting future liabilities.

Your comment that this is a massive and…

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