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Wasteful, Unaffordable and Unfair ($208M) D86 Referendum Repeat - Vote "NO"

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Fellow Residents of District 86,

The D86 Board has recycled their Wasteful, Unaffordable and Unfair referendum of $208 MILLION ($139M plus with interest) using voter intimidation tactics. 

The ploy of cancelling sports and activities amounts to only 1% of the district's $115M budget.  We will continue to call this ploy what it is...pure unethical voter intimidation to gain passage of their $208 MILLION referendum.  Please vote "NO".    

Wasteful, Unaffordable and Unfair

The wasteful $139M option equals an unaffordable $208M tax increase including interest.  Reference the D86 consultant's estimates (PMA).  

This equates to a $2,300 tax increase per student for 20 years. Not only is this excessive and full of frivolous pet projects, but it damages property values.  None of this will make our kids any smarter. 

Plenty of money already being spent

  • D86 spent $115M on 4,333 students equating to $26,500 per student 

  • The sports and activities cancelled cost $277 per student 

(See pg. 90, 117 of the annual audit 2018 CAFR)

Unfair Intimidation and Unethical Tactic

Their ploy to cancel sports and student activities only hurts the family structure and is divisive.  No choice was given to parents or students to pay a fee to save the sports programs and activities. Unethical use of parents and students here is purely a political stunt by special interest groups to attack our social fabric and squeeze families for what they want. 

Do you honestly think the future Board will follow through on this draconian ploy?  Reject the referendum and send a message to the new Board to reinstate these vital sports programs and activities that foster opportunity for our students and families.  

Your Neighbors, 

C4CH - Citizens for Clarendon Hills

Edward A. Corcoran


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