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CH Sample Ballot - Vote on or before Nov 6th

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Dear Neighbors,


Fiscal Conservatives - you need to vote as every vote counts.

High local taxes are damaging your property value.  Conservative fiscal policy must happen at the ballot box.   

C4CH exists to help inform on how to Stop the Overspending and Overtaxing We want our property values to increase and we want high quality education.   The highest priority on this ballot is to Vote "NO" for the wasteful D86 referendum.  C4CH recommendations are based on conservative fiscal behavior and accountability in the government and in our court system.  See the CH sample ballot. Please note that Blackhawk Heights does not vote on D86. Stonegate & Blackhawk Heights have different County Board districts than others.  Blackhawk Heights Sample Ballot.

Make Sure to Vote on November 6!

Early Voting Sites and Info - Between October 22nd and Nov 5th you can vote early at sites such as the Downers Grove Village Hall and Yorktown shopping center.   PLEASE VOTE!!!


Your Neighbors - C4CH

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