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CH Caucus to Select Nominations Committees

Dear Neighbors,

The CH Caucus is holding a very important annual meeting Tuesday (tomorrow) 7:30 pm at the Community Presbyterian Church to appoint nominations committees for the April 2019 election as well as elect new officers for the Caucus.  The future CH Trustees will be decided later by the nominations committee selected, however the final ballot is likely to have only one candidate.  C4CH respectfully requests the CH Caucus consider placing multiple candidates on the ballot so that voters have a choice, with real fiscal conservative candidates included.  As C4CH and others have pointed out, the Caucus itself has become a sort of political monopoly for local elections by offering only 1 candidate, normally the only one on the ballot.  The reason being is the local elections are non-partisan so the only political party is the Caucus.  Voters certainly deserve transparent candidate selection and multiple choices.  We thank the volunteers in the CH Caucus yet ask for respectful consideration for multiple candidates on the upcoming ballot.

As a background, the CH Caucus system is a registered political organization that essentially has had a monopoly on candidates and Trustees in CH for decades.  The Caucus leadership prohibits multiple candidates for the same position, yet this can change with immediate effect.  Given there is no fiscal platform, voters haven't any idea of fiscal direction and there is evidence recent candidates are nearly all fiscal liberals.  Increasing taxes nearly the maximum, raising the water rates to the 3rd highest in Chicagoland, ignoring zoning ordinances in downtown CH, and rubber stamping nearly every staff recommendation gives cause for concern.  We know CH has fiscal conservatives, perhaps a super majority.  C4CH feels the need to point out high tax increases and the largest spending spree in the history of CH.   We hope that our small 1.8 square mile town can have multiple candidates, and fiscal conservatives in the future.


All Clarendon Hills residents are automatically members of the Caucus. The meeting will provide information about the caucus process, plus one must go there to be a volunteer to serve on the caucus nominating committees. The caucus nominates candidates for local elected offices in the April 2019 elections. In addition to selecting the various committees, nominations for the new slate of Caucus Officers will occur. CH Caucus Meeting  Tuesday, October 16, 7:30 pm Community Presbyterian Church 39 N. Prospect Avenue Basement Hall The Caucus has a website ( for links to the agenda. Respectfully,

Your Neighbors - C4CH

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