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AM 560 Interview of Burr Ridge Village Pres Candidate Mottl & Audio of Attack While Dining Out

Angry D86 Residents Filled With Hate Literally Attack Mottl During a Night Out for Dinner - LISTEN TO THE RECORDING - and hear OBJECTIVE Opinion of AM560 morning show hosts Proft and Jacobsen from their 3/28 radio broadcast...

If you're wondering who has zero tolerance for differing political views, just check NextDoor to

read about the atrocious thievery around town of VOTE NO! signs by the "super tolerant" YES crowd. And if you REALLY want to get a feel for the hatred and political intolerance being spewed at people who are opposed to the D86 Referendum, take a listen to the angry drunk women YES voters who accosted Zach Mottl during a night out for dinner on the evening of March 27. It was so despicable, these women got a police escort out of the restaurant.

Enough already! You angry YES voters who have nothing but hate to spew because you just want what you want, because keeping up with the Joneses ... no, sorry, showing up the Joneses with the shiniest new toy in "Illinois school land" really ought to be ashamed and embarrassed. But go ahead ... post your "Hate Has No Home Here" signs in your front yards as you feign actual tolerance while ignoring the hurt that has been put upon high school students whose extra-curricular hopes have been dashed by nothing shy of a D86 BOE extortion attempt to get what they want.

If you want to know what child abuse looks like ... you cannot get a better picture than the angry parents who are willing to pimp their kids out to pass the BOE referendum.

Steal signs, attack candidates in public places, shame your neighbors for voting no because they want a more sensible and reasonable spending plan ... God forbid Hinsdale gets shown up by another town with a bigger and better toy.

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