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Admin New Minimum Wage of $100K- Taxpayers Failed Yet Bruce Law Gets Pay Increase & New Contract

Dear Neighbors,

Huge overspending continues right here in our high schools in District 86. Take for example recently administrative basic salary raises that resulted in every single D86 "Administrator" above $100,000, except for one person! No evidence exists - anywhere - of any relationship whatsoever between increasing administrative salary and increasing student academic achievement.  Our new minimum wage in D86 appears to be $100,000 plus benefits and pension?

Over 1 year ago there was $240,000 in administrative salary increases, spiking Superintendent Bruce Law's salary by $40,000 without even a performance appraisal for Law or any staff.  Board members vehemently objected, yet it rolled through.   Importantly, these increases become pension increases too, so the $240,000 in raises results in millions in new tax obligations for pensions and further salary increases, Illinois style. So the cost is not just the $240,000 increase.  In the meeting this Monday September 17th, the D86 Board is considering further increases and a contract extension for Superintendent Law, even after Law ushered in these practices, tax increases, helped two new unions form, and increased staffing levels while enrollment decreased.  Past Board members voted against Law's contract renewal stating Law clearly represented employee interests over students and taxpayers, yet the Board majority nodded their approval. 

Why should Superintendent Law get increases and another new contract when he fails to address reform measures, favors unions and administration, and fails in basic accountability to taxpayers and students?  Further, why do we support a Superintendent that advocates for $100,000/year minimum wage for administrator given the benefits and pension packages?

You can write to the Board and let them know your feelings at

If you would like to help quietly or actively advocate for local fiscal conservatism, please send us an email at


Your Neighbors - C4CH

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