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$15M Counseling, Guidance & Special Ed. for Central

Dear Neighbors,  Please vote NO for the D86 Referendum.  We want to continue highlighting numbers. The $15.2 M counseling, guidance and special education project costing over $650/sq.ft. is planned only for the Hinsdale Central campus. This is part of the nearly 1/4 $ Billion referendum ($166M + with interest).   This project includes a 15,000 sq. ft. addition and 8,400 sq. ft. of remodeling, totalling 23,400 sq. ft., more than 1/2 acre. While C4CH agrees with remodeling the counseling area and certain special education improvements, the $15M seems excessive and wasteful at $652/sq.ft., a number that has no justification and is about 60% higher than the spending per sq.ft. for the new Hinsdale Middle School currently under construction (HMS approx. $400/sq.ft.). References:Cost Estimate - see bottom section with cost estimatesDesign Plans - see pg 17 of 22 of Arcon plans Coming Soon - Why Unions Love the D86 Referendum

C4CH will point out that the Unions like this massive referendum and the $29.5 million being diverted away from annual operation and maintenance spending and placed in a referendum tax increase.  The referendum allows $29.5M to be diverted from maintenance to wages & benefits increases, without reforms. 

Last email - The $1.4M Classrooms 

C4CH recently exposed the $1.4M classrooms, for $850/sq.ft, as another example of the wasteful spending. Here are other startling numbers from the referendum detail.

  • $48.4 million on athletic facilities

    • South pool can be upgrades for $2M instead of $12M

  • $24 million on admin, counselor and special ed offices

    • See above

  • $29.5 million on operation and maintenance improvement

    • Diverts funds from operations allowing $29.5M for Union & Admin wage & benefits increases 

  • $11 million on life safety improvements 

    • No Referendum is required for this work

  • $39.5 million on renovation of common space

    • Overpriced and excessive

  • $12.2 million on auditorium improvements

    • Only minor spending - will not make kids smarter

Note EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS are only 15.5% of the referendum in the pie chart below.VOTE NO!!


2017 - a $76M referendum failed in April of 2017, 

Voters said no 3:1 

Overspending and high taxes hurts property values and does not make our kids any smarter.  Vote No!

Another unaffiliated group is running a campaign against the referendum - District 86 Can Do Better. Visit their site.

We respect education and your hard earned money. If you would like to help quietly or actively advocate for fiscal conservatism with C4CH, please send us an email at

Respectfully, Your Neighbors - C4CH

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