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$1.4 M Classrooms in D86 Referendum - Wasteful?

Dear Neighbors,  We want to introduce the $1.4M Classrooms to highlight the wasteful spending in the nearly 1/4 $ Billion referendum ($166M + with interest).  NUMBERS DON'T LIE.

The referendum will add ONLY 5 NEW classrooms (3 classrooms and 2 labs all at Hinsdale Central), if there is even a need for new classrooms.  The spending is $1.4 million per new classroom, even though the new classrooms will be a conversion of the gymnastics and wrestling areas at Hinsdale Central.  The total cost for 5 classrooms is $6.8 million which is about $850 per square foot (based on a 1,600 s.f. classroom).  As a point of reference a high-end residential kitchen or high-end office space could be $400/s.f.  Here, the building shell already exists - foundation, walls and roof.  You decide if $850/s.f., $1.4M classrooms will help or hurt property values.  Here are other startling numbers from the referendum detail.

  • $48.4 million on athletic facilities

  • $24 million on administrative, counselor and special-ed offices

  • $29.5 million on operation and maintenance improvements

  • $11 million on life-safety improvements - NO REFERENDUM REQUIRED and overpriced

  • $39.5 million on renovation of common space

  • $12.2 million on auditorium improvements

Note EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS are only 15.5% of the referendum in the pie chart bellow.VOTE NO!!

Note: 2017 - a $76M referendum failed in April of 2017, Voters said no 3:1  Overspending and high taxes hurts property values and does not make our kids any smarter.  Vote No!

Another unaffiliated group is running a campaign against the referendum - District 86 Can Do Better. Visit their site.

We respect education and your hard-earned money. If you would like to help quietly or actively advocate for fiscal conservatism with C4CH, please send us an email at

Respectfully, Your Neighbors - C4CH

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