Who We Are


Founded in 2011, Citizens for Clarendon Hills (C4CH) is an active grassroots watchdog group of residents dedicated to advocating for a responsible and efficient government that operates within its means.


We believe in a government that lives within its means. We believe in making decisions based on evidence and value. We believe that the decisions on how to spend our tax dollars should be transparent. And we believe we have a right – and a duty – to demand excellence and accountability from all levels of government. C4CH will pursue actions and activities, which lower taxes, reduce regulation and drive smart and responsible growth. We support thoughtful development tailored to secure the longevity of the Village while preserving its history and sense of community.


C4CH works to attract the widest possible audience to help build something residents can believe in: a government that inspires trust and makes sound decisions. Through our research, website, and public outreach, we educate the public on government spending and provide a forum for people to make their voices heard. Our regular newsletters, timely commentary, and rapid-response action alerts provide for an easy-to-understand analysis of governmental entities in our community and opportunities to affect policy decision by our elected officials.


1.  We generate timely, accurate analysis with rigorous attention to detail.

2.  We propose and promote common sense solutions to perceived complex policy problems.

3.  We work on relevant and engaging issues that connect with the public in order to educate residents how the government manages taxpayer dollars.

4.  We strive to increase transparency and accountability of governmental entities and their appropriations of taxpayer dollars.


1.  Government should live within its means.

2.  Spending decisions must be transparent and merit-based, with information easily accessible, timely, and useable by the general public.

3.  Programs and taxing districts must be subject to effective oversight, regular evaluation, and independent audits.

4.  Government spending should give the taxpayers the best possible return on their investment.

5.  Government should avoid unnecessary long-term debt.

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