Train Station Redevelopment

Are you aware of the Clarendon Hills Train Station Redevelopment Plan?

C4CH Position on the Clarendon Hills Train Station Redevelopment Plan

C4CH’s opposition is based on key issues:

  • The Train Station project plan lacks clear, written and measurable objectivesHow can staff and officials be measured and held accountable?   What problem is millions of dollars trying to fix?
  • The Train Station project plan lacks proper user surveys to help define the scope and demonstrate a market need with a reasonable payback to taxpayers.  In fact, the Clarendon Hills 2010 Community Needs Survey’ revealed no clear mandate and eroding support. The survey also did not disclose the multi-million dollar price tag!
  • The Train Station project plan is based on the outdated & flawed Master Plan from 2006 – C4CH also calls for immediate scrapping of the “irrationally exuberant” 2006 Master Plan!

 A detailed C4CH Train Station Redevelopment Plan whitepaper is available via the following link:

The long-term, detrimental effect of municipal debt spent on inappropriate real estate ventures by government & staff is well documented in our own backyard.

Chicago Tribune has recently documented local high-debt failures:                       

The train station project is active and moving forward.  See Village meeting minutes from March 19, 2012 and May 21, 2012 under Committee Section “Land Use” on the Village website for official approval and subsequent approved actions:

MARCH 19, 2012 –

MAY 21, 2012 -

Other Links:

Train Station Redevelopment Plan

2006 Downtown Master Plan


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