New Groups Utilize Robocalls

You may have seen, been told, or have received communications from “Saving Clarendon Hills.”  For clarification, “Citizens for Clarendon Hills” (C4CH) is a completely separate group and is not affiliated with “Saving Clarendon Hills”,  ”Friends of Clarendon Hills” or any other Clarendon Hills-based, grassroots entities.  We are pleased other groups appear to be supportive of our small town charm.

Our small and charming village has a rich history of volunteerism and community involvement.  We respect all views. These new groups are exercising their rights and views independently.

Citizens for Clarendon Hills (C4CH) formed as a grassroots effort in 2011 to challenge a Village Board initiative seeking “home rule” powers, an issue that would have removed direct citizen input on certain property tax increases and would have greatly expanded the Village’s scope of taxing and regulatory powers. This was successfully defeated by referendum 86%-14%.

Since that time, C4CH has steadfastly pursued public awareness and actions to keep taxes low, to control the unnecessary growth of local governments, and to improve transparency.  C4CH has sent out newsletters, and has hosted Open Houses about property tax issues, DuPage County efforts to control taxes, and others.

Some members of our C4CH Steering Committee now ably serve in elected capacities: Bruce Carlsen on the Park District Board, Ed Corcoran on the Hinsdale High School Dist. 86 Board, and Eric Stach on the Village Board.  C4CH Steering Committee members also speak and function as individual residents and office-holders independently of C4CH.

If you have questions or need more information about C4CH, check out our website, or contact us directly.

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