Is This Your Vision of Clarendon Hills?

Imagine walking out of Starbuck’s and looking north to see this sight. The DTMP draft (see below) will allow 5-story buildings along the west and east side of Prospect.

Over the past year, the Village of Clarendon Hills has been working on the “Downtown Master Plan” and the vision of the Village.  There have been several community meetings along with many sub-committee meetings.

The vision is now taking shape for Clarendon Hills.  It’s important for residents to see the plan and the “New Clarendon Hills.”  There are two upcoming meetings residents may want to attend to have a voice in “the vision.”


DTMP Economic Development Subcommittee

Panel Discussion

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

7:00pm Village Hall


The comments collected during that evening will be used to refine and complete the proposed revised master plan for the Village.

Illustration Development Workshop

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

7:00pm Village Hall

Legat Architects will be conducting a workshop to develop illustrations of our downtown public spaces based on the current downtown master planning discussions.

Draft DTMP Plan 

The numbers denote the number of stories allowed under the DTMP. For example, 5=5-stories.

Please mark your calendars for the February 5th and11th meetings.

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