Hinsdale Middle School & Home Values

As part of our mission, we work hard to provide residents information and promote awareness of local issues while ensuring transparency and accountability of our local governmental entities.

In light of that mission, there are two recent articles we would like bring to your attention.

Hinsdale Middle School – HMS

Below is a copy of an article recently published by the Clarendon Courier. In order to do so, we have asked for and have received permission from the publisher to re-distribute this article to you.

We would like to thank Editor & Publisher Mike Ellis for the grant of authority to redistribute this to our community members who are searching for information on the subject.

Mr. Ellis’ contact information is attached below.

 Courier Article – Invalid HMS Referendum

Home Values Plummet Across DuPage County

Last week, the Hinsdale/CH Patch published an article based on a story from the DuPage Policy Journal.  In summary, home values in Clarendon Hills have decreased 27% from 2007 – 2015. The article contends the culprit to the falling values is increased governmental spending and debt.

Patch Article Link

DuPage Policy Journal Link 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: citizensforch@comcast.net


Contact information regarding publisher of attached newspaper article:

Mike Ellis


Editor & Publisher

The Clarendon Courier, The Willowbrook Post, The Western Springs Journal

Winner – The James T. Neal Award



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