Downtown Master Plan & More

It has been a busy few weeks around the Village.  This email contains an update on several community plans and important meeting notifications for this week. Please consider attending these meetings.

Monday, April 28th
Clarendon Hills Park District
Community Center – 315 Chicago Ave.
There is a Public Hearing to obtain Open Space Land Acquisition Development Grant (OSLAD) in order apply for a matching grant in the amount of $400,000
to assist in the development of the park improvements to improve and redevelop Hosek Park.
The plan will make Hosek Park more accessible and useable with improvements to the baseball field and inter-park walkways and restroom facilities.

Wednesday, April 30th

Downtown Master Plan Joint Committee Meeting

Prospect School – 100 N. Prospect Ave.


Each of the three volunteer run Downtown Master Plan Committees will present their findings and recommendations to the Village board, the Zoning Board, the Plan Commission and the public for discussion.


Other Recent Items 

CLICK on each item for details

1.  Clarendon Hills 90th Birthday Party

2.  New Hinsdale Middle School

3.  Teacher Negotiations District 86 and District 181

4.  Clarendon Hills Park District Maintenance & Recreational Facility

5.  Village Garden and apiary for honey bee hives

As we continue to provide information and promote awareness of local issues, while ensuring transparency and accountability of our local governmental entities, we look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. Our email is:


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